About this blog

The blog ideas are following:

- Very short text: who has today time and energy to read long articles. It's better to spend time listening to the music

- It is not a blog about tango history: by far I'm am not an expert and researcher of tango history. If you want to get deeper knowledge it the topic you will need to search for the info elsewhere...

- All the judgmental expressions in the blog (e.g. "this song is very romantic", "that orchestra can be boring") are my subjective opinions (that can be controversial or not in line with what the majority of people think).

- In some instances I will be referring to "important in Buenos Aires", "liked in Europe", "frequently played in Buenos Aires", "... has a great energy in the middle of milonga". Again those are my opinions. They are based:
  • on my experience as a dancer and DJ
  • discussions and talks with very experienced DJs (both European and from Buenos Aires)
  • my study and analysis of tango music played in milongas in Buenos Aires in February 2012
- YouTube videos are very important part of this blog. For each song I will always try to find first a video with good quality recording (usually with some pictures in the background). Those are the best for listening. Then I try to put some examples of performances

- In the videos I want to represent all dance styles: salon, milonguero, nuevo, etc. I think that the diversity of styles may bring a lot of benefits to the dance.

- I would also like to represent large variety of dancers: Argentinian and non-Argentinian, famous and less known, experienced and less experienced. I believe that the diversity makes us more open as dancers and brings us fresh approach
    -  I am very open and happy to receive any comments, challenges, ideas of improvement. Anything that will make this blog better is welcome...


    1. Congratulations to your new blog Konrad!
      I am looking forward to your ideas, thoughts and opinions about the music and the DJ'ing.
      Thank you for sharing!
      Best regards,
      Bärbel Rücker | Tanzbar
      Tango Teacher & Tango DJ

    2. Thanks a lot Bärbel! I'm looking forwards to your comments, suggestions. Feel free to add your favorite songs and videos.


    3. Dear Konrad: We are an international Tango newspaper www.milonga.me and added your blog feed to our data base: So every new post will be linked (linked! - not copied) under milonga.me at the end of the week. Saludos tangueros! Anthony y Pablo (milongaroom@gmail.com)