Are you a dancer, DJ or teacher?

Tango dancers

I strongly believe it is important for dancers to know tango music well:

- What was the orquesta that is being played right now? I like it so much...
- I loved the music played in yesterday's milonga. The DJ was great, but why?
- What are my favorite orquestas? My favorite songs?
- What kind of music makes me feel better on the dance floor?

Learning more about tango music with this blog will help you to answer those questions. It will make you better and more conscious dancer. It will take you to a higher level of initiation :).

Tango DJs

Every tango DJ needs to know the music well. Surely you want to be able manage the energy of the evening and keep your dancers on the floor till the last tanda. To do it you need to know:

- time evolution of the music (e.g. the difference between gurardia vieja, golden age and modern music)
- which are the important tango orquestas (in Buenos Aires, in Europe....)
- what is reaction of dancers to different orquestas

Tango teachers

I believe every teacher should know tango music very well. Teaching tango is not only about showing how to walk, connect and make figures (although those are obviously very important) . Teacher should present wider picture to his students: the origins of the dance, the evolution, dancing styles, etc... The general tango culture is important and the music is the essence of it.

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