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Osvaldo Fresedo, Roberto Ray - Hollywood in Buenos Aires

Orchestra: Osvaldo Fresedo

Singer: Roberto Ray

Period: 1932–1939

During the 1920ies and at the beginning of the 1930ies Osvaldo Fresedo's orchestra was playing and recording in Guardia Vieja style. In 1933 Fresedo´s style completely changed. The music became much lighter, softer, more sophisticated. New instruments (harp, vibraphone, drums) had added a completely fresh flavor to his music. When I ask my tango friends to describe Fresedo's music from that period, they say that is sounds like as if from a movie, straight from Hollywood.

At the beginning I wanted to cover all of the "Hollywod" period in one post. But there are so many great songs and singers in that period, that this post would be far too long. So I have decided to cut it in more pieces.

So let's start from the beginning. Roberto Ray was the first singer in that period. He was recording with Fresedo during the 1930ies. A few songs were recorded between 1948 and 1950, after nearly 10 years of break. Between the best and most known songs you'll find: Vida Mía, Siempre Es Carnaval, Sollozos, El Once (El 11), Cordobesita, Isla De Capri. The first 4 songs were composed by Fresedo himself. The Lyrics of those 4 songs (and many others) were written by the brother of Osvaldo, Emilio Fresedo.

DJ comment:
Orchestra of Osvaldo Fresedo is not played very frequently in the milongas of Buenos Aires. That obviously doesn't mean it should't be played more often elsewhere :). Amongst the recordings with Ray you'll find material for faster tandas (e.g. Araca La Cana, Cordobesita, El Mareo, Telón), but also very slow and romantic songs (e.g. Pampero, Siempre Es Carnaval, Vida Mía).  One of my favorite songs is "Como Aquella Princessa" with its very distinctive oriental sound...

Song examples:

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  1. Isla de Capri, bailan Pablo Rodriguez-Noeli Hurtado:

    (Years ago after this video I became a fan of Pablo&Noelia and Osvaldo Fresedo&Roberto Ray.)