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Rodolfo Biagi - Valses

Orchestra: Rodolfo Biagi

Singers: Alberto Amor, Andres Falgas, Jorge Ortiz, Teófilo Ibáñez, Hugo Duval, Instrumental

Period: 1938–1956

Biagi is very highly ranked when it comes to his selection of valses. They are amongst my favorites. The variety of songs is quite high and many recordings are available on CDs (aprox. 22 ). We will find faster ones (in general recorded between 1938-1939) and slower ones (mostly later recordings). All of them have a very clear rhythm, but several songs (e.g. Paloma) are more melodic and softer than others.

DJ comment
You don’t risk anything by playing a tanda of Biagi valses in any milonga. They always work very well. The quality of the recordings is consistently very good which makes building tandas easier. For me most of the songs are great and I am happy to hear any of them. 

Song examples:

La Loca de Amor, Canta Teófilo Ibáñez, 1938

Amor y vals, Canta Alberto Lago, 1942
Bailan Chicho - Juana
Bailan Claudio Forte - Barbara Carpino
Bailan Mario Consiglieri - Anabella Diaz Hojman

Cuatro Palabras, Canta Jorge Ortiz, 1941
Bailan Fausto Carpino - Stephanie Fesneau
Bailan Alejandro Berón - Verónica Vazquez
Bailan Jaimes Freidgen - Mariana Dragone

Lágrimas y Sonrisas, Instrumental, 1941

Paloma, Canta Alberto Amor, 1945

Viejo Porton, Canta Teófilo Ibañez, 1938, Bailan Arce Montes
Bailan Gustavo Naveria - Giselle Anne
Bailan Sebastian Jiménez - María Inés Bogado
Bailan Ozgur Demir - Marina Marques
Bailan Nestor Ray - Silvina

Adoración, Cantan Hugo Duval, Carlos Heredia, 1951
Bailan Claudio Forte - Barbara Carpino
Bailan Thierry Le Cocq - Alessia Lyndin

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