Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Francisco Canaro - Slow / Early Milongas

Orchestra: Francisco Canaro

Singers: Ernesto Famá, Roberto Maida, Instrumental

Period: 1933–1937

Compared to other orchestras, Francisco Canaro has the biggest collection of good quality, popular, enjoyable, playful and easy to dance milongas. I don't think anybody will disagree with this statement. There's a very high chance to hear at least one Canaro milonga tanda in every milonga. I personally love them and I never get bored with them.

There are so many great and famous songs I would like to share, that is the reason why I have decided to split Canaro's milongas into 2 posts. Once again, chronology and evolution of style of orchestras will help us. Earlier milongas are much slower than the later ones. Yet, they have great energy and they bring a lot of fun to the dance floor.

A tanda of older milongas of Canaro is a great choice for any circumstance. They are appreciated by both beginners (slow, regular rhythm = easy to dance) and advanced dancers (if you know every single beat of a song you can make great things with the dance). Those songs can be played at any time during the milonga: early (when you don't want to take the energy too high wondering what to do next), in the middle (e.g. after some higher energy, fast tanda of tango) or late (when your dancers are already tired, those milongas will bring them back to the floor).

Song examples:

Milonga Sentimental, Orquesta Francisco Canaro, Canta Ernesto Famá, 1933
Bailan Mario Consiglieri - Anabella Diaz Hojman
Bailan Dani 'El Flaco' Garcia - Silvina Valz

Yo me llamo "Juan te quiero", Orquesta Francisco Canaro, Canta Ernesto Famá, 1934
Bailan Claudio Forte - Barbara Carpino

Negrito, Orquesta Francisco Canaro, Canta Carlos Galan, 1934, Bailan Maximiliano Gluzman - Mirta Tiseyra
Bailan Horacio Rodríguez - Lili Jammes

Larga Las Penas, Orquesta Francisco Canaro, Canta Roberto Maida, 1935, Bailan Rodrigo Fonti - Mila vigdorova
Bailan Fausto Carpino - Veronica Toumanova

Milonga Criolla, Orquesta Francisco Canaro, Canta Roberto Maida, 1936
Bailan Sebastian Arce - Mariana Montes
Bailan Chicho Frumboli - Juana Sepulveda

Silueta porteña, Orquesta Francisco Canaro, Canta Roberto Maida, 1936
Bailan Diego El Pájaro Riemer - Maria Belen Giachello
Bailan Ozgur Demir - Marina Marques

Milonga de Antańo, Orquesta Francisco Canaro, Instrumental, 1937, Bailan Gonzalo Orihuela - Solange Chapperon

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