Friday, 22 June 2012

Osvaldo Pugliese, Jorge Maciel

Orchestra: Osvaldo Pugliese

Singer: Jorge Maciel

Period: 1954–1967

My next post was supposed to be about Fast/Late milongas of Canaro, but I have changed my mind in the very last moment. On Thursday evening last week I DJ-ed an outdoor milonga. It was quite cold but still quite many people came. During the whole evening I was trying to keep the energy high so that the dancers don't get cold and don't go home. Unexpectedly, mainly for myself :), I have decided to play as the last tanda Osvaldo Pugliese with Jorge Maciel. And I liked it a lot. So here comes our new chapter…

A friend of mine commented the previous post about Pugliese: "Many of my most memorable tandas were Pugliese's". He gets the point and I definitely share his opinion. Jorge Maciel is my favorite singer of Pugliese. The songs are not the easiest to dance, but if you put emotions to the dance you have a high chance for a special experience.


What I wrote to the post about early recordings of Pugliese will apply here as well. Surely a tanda with Maciel can be "the tanda"of the evening. I usually like to finish the evening with some lighter music (e.g. Donato or Canaro), but that Thursday for some unknown reason I had played Pugliese in the end. And I think it worked pretty well... I would suggest not abusing this type of music. If you play it every week it will lose its exceptional mood and you will not be able to achieve as great an effect as you would have liked to...

Song examples:

Esta Noche De Luna, Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese, Canta Jorge Maciel, 1955
Bailan Sebastian Arce - Mariana Montes
Bailan Fabian Peralta - Virginia Pandolfi
Bailan Julio Balmaceda - Corina de la Rosa
Bailan Sebastian Achaval - Roxana Suarez
Bailan Edwin Espinosa - Virginia Pandolfi

El Pañuelito, Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese, Canta Jorge Maciel, 1959

Cascabelito, Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese, Canta Jorge Maciel, 1955
Bailan Juan Martin Carrara - Stefania Colina

Remembranzas, Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese, Canta Jorge Maciel, 1956
Bailan Gaston Torelli - Moira Castellano 
Bailan Ismael Ludman - Maria Mondino
Bailan Ozgur Demir - Cécilia Berra

Adiós Corazón, Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese, Canta Jorge Maciel, 1958

El Adiós, Orquesta Osvaldo Pugliese, Canta Jorge Maciel, 1963

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  1. It is pretty amazing how our music tastes align, for me Jorge Maciel is THE cantor of Pugliese, I like Roberto Chanel as well but Maciel brings up the magic, and on top of everything you posted my most favourite pieces as examples :) - Thank you!