Monday, 4 June 2012

Osvaldo Pugliese - Overview

Osvaldo Pugliese was one of musicians that have revolutionized tango music. By quite many tango dancers Pugliese’s creation is identified mostly with some stage tango songs (e.g. La Yumba, Gallo Ciego, Nochero Soy, etc..). This is a big simplification and not the best way of looking at the topic. It is fact that many of Pugliese’s songs are great for shows and dancing choreographies. But there is much more than the “stage Pugliese”. I personally love the most his first recordings from 1940ies – instrumentals and with Roberto Chanel. There are also lots of interesting songs from 50ies, 60ies and even 70ies. We will discover all that in the next posts of this blog.

For detailed biographical and discographical information please go to:
Todo Tango - Osvaldo Pugliese

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