Sunday, 27 May 2012

Adolfo Carabelli

Orchestra: Adolfo Carabelli

Singer(s): Alberto Gómez, Charlo, Carlos Lafuente, Luis Díaz, Instrumental

Period: 1930–1934

The name of Adolfo Carabelli is not so widely known between tango dancers. Yet his orchestra brings us the best songs from Guardia Vieja period and is very frequently played in milongas. They are great for beginners (easy, rhythmical, not too fast) but also for advanced dancers (generally playful, but sometimes quite romantic, lyrical).

There were hundreds of orchestras playing Guardia Vieja style. If you invest some time (and money) you can discover lots of less popular recordings with very good quality of sound and great for playing in milongas. You can do it... Alternatively you can stick to the most known and popular names. Dancers in your milongas will be probably happy with both solutions. In the first case they enjoy new, unknown yet easy to dance songs (just don't experiment too much :). If you decide to stay with the most popular names, your dancers will enjoy the comfort of dancing to the songs they know well and like. This comfort will allow them discover new opportunities in their dance, be more relaxed, play more, have more fun from the dance... If we talk about the popular or big names of Guardia Vieja: 2 orquestas will always come up: Adolfo Carabelli and Orquesta Típica Victor (whose director for some years was..... Adolfo Carabelli).

For detailed biographical and discographical information please go to:
Todo Tango - Adolfo Carabelli

Song examples:

Alma, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Canta Alberto Gomez, 1932
Bailan Federico Naveira - Inés Muzzopappa

Por Que?, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Canta Alberto Gomez, 1932, Bailan Pablo Inza - Eugenia Parilla

Olvidao, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Canta Charlo, 1932

Cuatro Palabras, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Canta Charlo, 1933, Bailan Murat Erdemsel - Michelle Erdemsel

Mentira, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Canta Carlos Lafuente, 1931

El Pensamiento, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Canta Carlos Lafuente, 1932

Felicia, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Instrumental, 1932

El Cabure, Orquesta Adolfo Carabelli, Instrumental 1933

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  1. Victor picked Adolfo Carabelli as the musical director in 1925 he over saw Orquesta Tipica Victor up to 1936 when he passed away of a broken hart so they say