Saturday, 26 May 2012

Carlos di Sarli, Instrumental 40ies

Orchestra: Carlos di Sarli

Singer(s): Instrumental

Period: 1939–1948

Very similar to the recordings with Rufino. At the beginning (1939-1941) faster and more rhythmical songs (e.g. El Retirao, Shusheta). Later (1941-1948) songs are slower and more melodic (e.g. Didí, El Pollo Ricardo, 7 Palabras).

Again a must have in the milongas. I don't know personally anybody that would not like di Sarli's music, especially instrumentals (some people appreciate less songs with singers).

Song examples:

El Pollo Ricardo, Orquesta Carlos di Sarli, Instrumental, 1940

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  1. As per requested, a pair of videos illustrating differences in dance style, to "El Pollo Ricardo":

    Villa Urquiza ("Salon"):