Sunday, 27 May 2012

Enrique Rodríguez - Overview

For me orchestra of Enrique Rodríguez is definitely the least "Argentinian" from all mainstream tango orquestas. Rodriguez was recording many different genres (Corridos, Fox Trots, Marchas, Pasodobles, Polcas, etc.). Even in his tangos we can hear some "foreign influences". Probably this is the reason why his music is not considered highly in Buenos Aires and is not frequently played there at the milongas (maybe with exception of few songs). On the contrary, dancers love Rodríguez in Europe. The music is very rhythmic and full of humorous elements. The easiest way to recognize Rodríguez: in case of most of the tangos the last beat is missing or is hardly audible.

The orchestra of Rodríguez is not very complex in terms of style evolution and singers. We will only look at:

Armando Moreno,
Roberto Flores,

There were some other singers recording with Rodriguez (e.g. Omar Quirós, Fernando Reyes, Ricardo Herrera). But they are not so important: only a few songs are available and they are not that interesting from dancing and DJ-ing perspective.

For detailed biographical and discographical information please go to:
Todo Tango - Enrique Rodriguez

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