Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Carlos di Sarli, Sexteto

Orchestra:  Carlos di Sarli

Singer(s): Ernesto Famá, Santiago Devin, Fernando Díaz, Roberto Deirene, Mercedes Carné, Instrumentals.

Period: 1928-1932

Very interesting period. Many dancers and teachers don't even know that di Sarli had this type of music in his repertoire. After 1932 no recordings are available and di Sarli is back in 1939 with the style everybody knows and loves.

Very good material for milonga. The songs from that period usually attract lots of dancers to the dance floor. Some of the songs have quite low energy, so make sure you play them in right moment, without putting the energy of the milonga down. The most interesting songs: with Famá, Devin and instrumentals.

Songs examples:

Belén, Orquesta Carlos di Sarli, Instrumental, 1929

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